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Hang it Up

October 21st, 2020

Hang it Up

Your awesome piece of art was just delivered and you are stoked about hanging it up.
You grab a picture hanging hook, a nail, your hammer and you walk around looking for the right place.
After finding the right place, take it slowly.
Where is eye level for you?
Where is eye level for everyone else in your home?
It's not the same for everyone.
Eye level is given way too much cred in hanging art.
Think of a museum and the way artwork is hung there.
There is a sweet spot that fits most folks' eye level...not too high...not too low.
What is going to be surrounding your awesome piece of art?
Windows? Other art? A door? A couch? Dining room table? Desk?
Align the art with those other things. Get someone else to help.
Try to avoid mis-aligning the art with the other items.
I've shown a few examples in the image.
Good luck and feel free to contact me about hanging your awesome art!